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Our school is fairly young, having been founded in the late 1970s. Yet, it has achieved the maturity of a lively, energetic and industrious human being. It has also acquired experience and tradition. The foundation records show that Liceul Industrial Târgu Mures was transformed into Scoala Profesionala Electrotimis in January, 1973. In 1975, the school becomes a group school consisting of professional school, other forms of education, high school (training in electrotechnics and mechanics), masters school (until 1993) and post high school (1991-1997).

A school does not live by its bricks and walls alone, but also through its spirit. Since we stay young in spirit and constantly adjust to all the changes brought about by the educational reform we shall be able to get involved in the process of European integration of the Romanian society. We aim at training young students in the view of their integration within the fieldwork and finding the right place and role in the society.

Our goal is to train young people for the society of the future, and to supply them with good processional knowledge and flexibility to the requirements of the work market and of the European life. Participating in this project is a great step forward to supporting our students and graduates (and their parents, as well) so that they will be able to find a place in the society. We trust that we offer an appropriate environment for the development of the children’s personality, an adequate climate for their physical and mental growth, through educational activities and through the club called “My Career”.


Electrotimis Tehnical High School